by Pillars Of Ash

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released October 6, 2014



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Pillars Of Ash Grand Rapids, Michigan

Out from the thousand tentacled darkness comes Pillars of ash. We wholly submit to failure, Self-Destruction and cosmic sorcery. ALL HAIL THE CULT.

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Track Name: alea lacta est
cycles torment
self Immolation
alea iacta est
buried alive

there is only death behind my eyes
blind and bleeding
love is fleeting

(there is)
No one

I can't change
solace in misery
enslaved to failure
eternal hate embrace
destroyer of worlds
rotting body cavity
bound by loss
torn apart by fate
Track Name: Boiling blood
black boiling blood
blinding rage
carnal abuse
the tearing of flesh from bone

the searing of skin
rape of the soul
the decay of all will
the deepest of hate from within

the all enveloping darkness
the hate overwhelms
my humanity is dead
I am free
Track Name: Kosst amojan
hail the cult!!
glorious cult
eyes of fire
leaders of truth

corporeal form
left behind
released at last
into the orb of contemplation
the burning within

cosmological sorcery
magic of the black hole
prophets abandoned
pure vision gained

hail the cult!!
glorious cult
eyes of fire
leaders of truth
Track Name: Holy Hour
keeper of the clock
guardian of the key
cosmic void expands
to unlock the gate of infinity

waning hours into centuries
millennia of meaningless existence

the glory of its magnitude
in awe of it's grandeur

ruler of all things
before after and never to be

temporal illusion
ekpyrotic universe
birthed into fire
forged in entropy

the specious present
of one with the construct
feeble minds attach
to an unknowable realm

holy is the hour
divine is the day
the time mage gives vision
through a force not portrayed